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I am from Cattolica, RN

(Provincia di Rimini), Italy

The Saint Tropez Of Italy

Since my Born.


Personal Address: Dany PATARINI (DI GIROLAMO) 45 via Torino 47841 Cattolica (RN) Italy

20D International also in

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;

Monaco; Nice; NYC; LA, US;

Dubaï, UAE; Toronto, ON, Canada;

Roma; Milan; Bologna, Italy


20D International also in Riyadh

Real Mafias realmafias@danypatarini.com

Press press@danypatarini.com

20D Headquarter, 37th Floor, 1 Canada Square, London E145AB (Canary Wharf), United Kingdom (I do not receive letters at this address)

About a Real US Government

communication, and also The Real Without Reason Under Arrest that I have got in Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman in Jan 2013: Now It is also my Gov applications,

And other:

my Problems of Family

(my Parents have failed

in Attitudes in front of Me and

My Test of Money too, .....).

My US Gov / Saudi Gov applications too.

VIP Club From USD1108 Month Request at The eMail Top Down On This Page